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We believe in creating content, not simply advertising. Nowadays, most brands possess multiple digital channels and platforms. Keystone Marketing Company helps brands get empowered to achieve impactful results in the digital environment. With two offices located in Tokyo and Seoul, we are an independent agency eager to provide the best digital experience to our clients.

One brief will get you into two different digital worlds through the leading team of multicultural digital experts in Asia. But you can find them pretty much anywhere: with more than 56 offices spanning 38 countries throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific region.

We are an inbound marketing agency in Seoul that has the insights and ambition to help grow your business. TK Global is an all inclusive digital marketing firm specializing in the online Chinese marketing space.

We offer you our expertise and infrastructure to give you and your clients a leg up on your competition as well as an opportunity to diversify your customer base.

korean marketing company

Blueorange is one of the fastest growing agencies in Korea, even though it is established in We aim to be the best agency in Korea and provide integrated digital marketing services including display ad, search ad, mobile ad and social media marketing.In a highly competitive business environment, it is more important than ever to understand the business culture of your target markets. Understanding business culture helps you to understand, anticipate and respond to unexpected behaviour.

It also ensures that you behave in an acceptable way and avoid misunderstandings. The South Korean market is a favourite among foreign direct investors. These state that people should respect authority, respect the collective, behave virtuously, work hard and learn hard, avoid extremes and live moderately. You will find that, if you can demonstrate these qualities, you will be more successful in your business relationships.

South Koreans strive for harmony in their business and personal relationships. To prevent loss of face, they will avoid confrontation or will tell others what they want to hear rather than tackling issues head on.

Some Westerners can find this approach confusing. Try rephrasing the question in different ways so you can compare the answers you get.

South Koreans are very protective of their kibun, or personal dignity. If you threaten it, you risk being excluded from future decision-making, so be very careful in your business negotiations and always be respectful and mindful of kibun.

Relationship building Everything depends on personal relationships so it is important to spend time establishing a good working relationship and building trust with South Koreans. Sport, families and hobbies are all good topics of conversation. South Koreans may enquire about your personal life, in an attempt to establish your age and status, and to build a relationship with you.

You should answer these questions honestly and openly, but without being boastful. Devote time getting to know your counterparts both professionally and personally. Work on developing your relationships just as you would your professional skills. Mix business with pleasure.

Develop, sustain and grow your personal network.

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You will find being introduced to a company by a trusted third party, such as the British Embassy, more effective than going in cold — UKTI in South Korea can help you here. If you make a mistake in business, always own up to it and demonstrate what you are doing to put it right.

Communication While many South Koreans are comfortable communicating in English, many talented and capable South Koreans are not. Accommodate your language to your audience. Speak in clear, basic English. Do not rely solely on verbal communication but reiterate your messages in writing. Cultural differences also influence communication. Traditional culture favours harmony rather than confrontation often causing Westerners to understand silence as acceptance.

Ask questions from several directions to verify that the message has been successfully communicated. Your counterpart is unlikely to request clarification even if understanding is not complete. When making presentations, minimise words and maximise graphs, charts and visuals that can communicate across languages and cultures.

South Korea is a country where things can happen extremely quickly.List of data, research and insights companies and services l ocated in Korea, Republic of. Click to view detailed company profiles, get contact information and more. Click here to see all individual members in Korea, Republic of. Try looking at all companies operating in Korea, Republic ofbut that are not necessarily located there.

Yes, show me! Gallup Korea is one of the largest and best-known research companies in Korea. Since its foundation inGallup Korea has been providing a full range of quantitative and qualitative research….

Hankook Research is one of the first and leading market research firms in Korea, which remains fully independent and owner managed. In the market for 35 years, we pride ourselves on being innovative,…. Hyundae Research Institute is one of the leading and professional providers of market research and public opinion polling. Our research experts can give our clients more helpful information on the…. Insight Korea is a professional marketing research and consulting firm that overcomes the limited role of traditional marketing research services as being a simple data provider.

We are research professionals with over 10 years of experience in healthcare, B2B, consumer and IT. MarketLink is one of the fast growing online panel and solution service providers in the region which has established a high reputation of trust and quality since founded in We are truly dedicated and committed to offer unrivalled optimal service tailored to the client?

We have…. QMR is one of the best qualitative marketing research companies in Korea. With our international expertise, we have conducted various qualitative projects for domestic and international companies in…. Research-A is a qualitative boutique that is consist of 4 of highly experienced moderators with vast experiences in global research agencies for more than 10 years.

RMK Research is a leading traditional and online qualitative research company in Korea.

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Saraholdings was established as the first online marketing research firm in Koreaa in TNS is part of Kantar Group, an affiliate of WPP, has various agencies in information, insights, consulting, ads and communication sector.

As a Korean marketing research company, it has been conducting many qualitative research studies in South Korea as well as quantitative research studies for international clients.Imagine, then, the difficulty for marketers in the Asia-Pacific region who are often designing branding and communication campaigns across multiple language and ethnic groups.

Unlike in the West, the average Joe carries little weight with Korean audiences, said Sangsoo Chong, who teaches advertising and public relations at Cheongju University in South Korea.

KPop star and actress IU promote soju liquor brand Chamisul.

korean marketing company

They intersperse their choreographed routines with sales prompts enticing customers in—often as part of a grand opening event. Or register for a telephone service? Chong agreed, but said there are advantages. Western advertising, for better or worse, tends to be quite prudish about bodily functions, whereas Korean marketers are unabashed.

For the most part, office chairs are just a commodity. And for people in that business, big budget creative campaigns are not a consideration. But Korean office chair maker Duoback bucked that trend and put together this brilliant series of TV ads that ask you to forget truth in advertising and simply have fun.

In the spots, which feature movie star Seong-jin Kang as the boss and TV star Ha Seok-jin as the junior employee, Duoback chairs are pitched as so powerful that they will help you quit smoking, find love with a co-worker, cure menstrual cramps, ease hunger, improve your comedic talent, and even relieve a hangover. South Korea is no different. Therefore, something not often seen in Korean advertising is self-deprecation and irony—important to keep in mind when marketing in South Korea.

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However, in a brilliant mockumentary for mega pizza chain Mr Pizza, which recently celebrated the opening of its th restaurant in China, the company not only makes fun of itself and its founder, it also pokes fun at the touchy subject of Korean nationalism. The idea is from a U. One of the problems is the use of direct translation. But many organizations skip the step of tapping a professional English copywriter to tighten up the translation, so the original meaning often gets missed.

In fact, one of the more infamous English branding disasters was part of an initiative by the administration of former President Lee Myung-bak to promote Korean food internationally. Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. What's Up in Asia's Ad World. Creative Work. Insight News South Korea. By Bobby McGill. Dec 16, Jun Ji-hyun pitching Namyang's "17 Tea". Subscribe to Our Newsletter. Related Posts. Nissan has appointed Jordi Vila as senior vice president, marketing and sales in Asia and Oceania.

Read more.Seoul CNN Before there were any cases of novel coronavirus confirmed in South Korea, one of the country's biotech firms had begun preparing to make testing kits to identify the disease. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. More Videos Inside the company that used AI to create a coronavirus test. Nicaragua president not seen in over a month. India's lockdown extended until early May.

Now this restaurant feeds the homeless. How do you hold an election during a global pandemic? This country isn't enforcing a lockdown. See how it's going. Spain relaxes some Covid restrictions but fears remain.

korean marketing company

Why Greece is coping with Covid better than Italy. China adds restrictions to Covid research and publication. Boris Johnson grateful after release from hospital.

How this South Korean company created coronavirus test kits in three weeks

Japan's Shinzo Abe promotes anti-flu drug to treat virus. Some world leaders ignore officials' warnings about Covid Hear from residents in Wuhan about life after lockdown. Life in lockdown: tips from around the world.

Italian newspaper's obituaries filled 1 page. Now it's Australia closes beaches amid coronavirus.AmorePacific aims to become a global Korean beauty company with a brand portfolio competing on innovation, quality, marketing and authentic Korean cool. This article illustrates the global business and brand marketing strategy of AmorePacific. The brand portfolio also includes green tea. It started out as a small family business selling hair oil made from camellia seeds in While its premium Laneige brand, for example, debuted init only became available outside of Korea in The company aims to generate USD 12 billion in sales by with 51 percent coming from global markets compared to 30 percent at present.

AmorePacific is the third-largest cosmetics company in Asia behind Japanese companies Shiseido and Kao. Its gradual expansion in Asia is highlighted by an increase in its skincare market share in China from 1. This includes initiatives to enable the increase of its overseas presence, innovation in conducting business, creation of additional value for employees and local firms, and expansion of its product range.

As the youngest son, he grew up watching his grandmother and father developing cosmetics products. Suh Kyung-Bae is famous for trying all products before their launch — except in one category: mascara.

He is the chairman and CEO of the company. International success and image rests on its five global champion brands, Laneige, Sulwhasoo, Mamonde, Innisfree and Etude House. Etude House has a fun and playful vibe that is targeted at young trendy women. Areas such as nutrition, vitality and cosmeceuticals are part of this belief with a vision of treating obesity, skin diseases and chronic pain, not only beauty.

By expanding this philosophy beyond products, the belief can guide social contributions as well. Executives are determined to make AmorePacific one of the most respected beauty companies in the world. Country and city of origin have always been indicators of prestige for beauty brands.

Aside from synonymous relationship between Japan and technology, it is still difficult for many Western consumers to positively associate an Asian country with a competitive advantage other than low-cost. However, just as Korean and Taiwanese technology brands have largely broken this mould over the last decade, Korean beauty brands are following suit. This is largely due to the degree that South Korean women care for their skin compared to other parts of the world.

Between skincare, makeup and night routine, it is estimated that South Korean women use around 17 products daily. Because appearance seems to be such a constant preoccupation, it is sometimes misunderstood as vanity. While this has contributed to South Korea having the highest rate of plastic surgery in the world, the truth when it comes to skincare is that Korean believe their skin as an important area of their overall health — much like maintaining a fit body through exercise and a healthy diet.

Many beauty products are sold in Korean pharmacies and health benefits are often the most prominent selling features. In the export reached the USD 1. As much of Europe and Asia slowly recovered from World War II in the s, Hollywood cinema was becoming global and American shows were a major source of television programming worldwide.

However, even as Asian beauty companies looked to France and the United States for inspiration and brand names, differences evolved between East and West. By the early s an estimated 86 percent of American girls aged 14 to 17 were using lipstick while three-fifths of the total Japanese beauty market was held by skin preparations — a preference which is shared by Koreans today.

Even in terms of cosmetic surgery, Western women typically exaggerate their features with fuller lips or bigger breasts, while Asian women seek to refine their features, with smaller noses or chins.

While Western women use tanning beds and spray to darken their skin artificially, Asian women lighten their complexion by using whitening creams or other cosmetic treatments to lighten their outer layers of skin.Sign up for a free Sortlist account and create your profile to get exposure to thousands of companies looking for an agency like yours.

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korean marketing company

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